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Anthurium magnificum

Anthurium magnificum

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Anthurium plants are native to tropical rainforests, so they thrive in warm, humid environments. Here are some tips for caring for anthuriums:

  • Light: Anthurium plants need bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can scorch their leaves.
  • Water: Anthurium plants need moist soil, but they should not be overwatered. Allow the top few inches of soil to dry out between waterings.
  • Humidity: Anthurium plants appreciate high humidity. Mist them regularly or place them in a humid environment, such as a bathroom or kitchen.
  • Temperature: Anthurium plants prefer average to warm temperatures, between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fertilizer: Feed your anthurium plant every 2-3 months with a balanced fertilizer.
  • Soil: Anthurium plants need a well-draining potting mix. You can buy a commercial potting mix that is designed for tropical plants, or you can make your own by mixing equal parts potting soil, perlite, and peat moss.
  • Repot: Anthurium plants need to be repotted every 2-3 years, as they outgrow their pots. Repot your plant in a pot that is only one size larger than the current pot.
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